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Tips To Achieve A Spotlessly Clean Kitchen
18Jun 2015
Tips To Achieve A Spotlessly Clean Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the main rooms in the house, so it is easy to see why it may tend to get a little messy from day to day. If you can’t seem to find the energy to battle the dirt and grime yourself you could always call in the professional cleaners to give you a hand but if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves then check out these great kitchen cleaning tips!

Sparkling Sink
The best way to maintain a clean kitchen is to do the dishes straight after dinner and try not to let them pile up for too long. A dirty sink will automatically make the rest of the room look just as bad which is why washing the dishes as soon as possible is recommended. Domestic cleaning isn’t always fun but you can lighten the mood while washing plates and pots by playing your favourite music in the background while you work. After the dishes are done, put them away and wipe the sink down with a damp cloth. Don’t forget to wipe the taps down too as taps are magnets for collecting dust and grime particles.

Clear Countertops
Clear the countertops before you begin wiping them down. A great homemade cleaning spray that works wonders on kitchen counters is by mixing a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in water and then filling an empty spray bottle with your cleaning remedy. This handy mixture will banish tough stains in seconds. Whilst you are cleaning the kitchen counters you may as well take it a step further and give the microwave, toaster and kettle a quick going over too. Clean appliances and spotless countertops will make a huge difference to the overall perception of your kitchen.

Fresh Fridge
Keeping a fresh and clean fridge is important as over time mould can make your fridge its home and effect the food and drink stored there. To avoid this, wash your fridge regularly. Remove all of the food before you begin and make sure to get rid of any out-of-date products you find along the way. The first step is to remove the shelves and clean them by the sink to avoid any spills on the kitchen floor. Wash these shelves with warm water and washing up liquid. After this is done you can tackle the fridge interior and congratulate yourself on what a great job you have done with your house cleaning.

Tidy Tiles
There are many cleaning services out there that don’t mind lending a helping hand and they can often give you some great advice on keeping your home in top notch shape. One of the tips that they may share with you is how to keep your kitchen tiles clean. A great trick is to mix two gallons of water with a half cup of baking soda to mop the floor and leave it looking flawless. Open the windows to get some air circulating around the room which will not only freshen the place up but will also help to dry the floor quicker.

Clean Cupboards
People often forget to clean the inside of their kitchen cupboards and drawers. You may not have to clean the inside of these as much as other aspects of your kitchen but it is still a good idea to give them a going over every few weeks. To organize your drawers better, use dividers. Some people cut up old cereal boxes and use the segments as individual dividers. These work particularly well for smaller items such as sowing equipment, scissors, notepads, mail and napkins etc.

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