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The Five Biggest Threats To Your Carpet
24Apr 2014
The Five Biggest Threats To Your CarpetFor those who are constantly searching to get their home as clean as possible, the carpets which are in your house can often present the biggest challenge. As they cannot simply be taken up off the ground and washed, getting the right carpet cleaning in your house can often be very tough. Because of their location, too, they are often under threat from so many different places. Read on to discover a list of the top five biggest threats to the cleanliness of your carpets in no particular order.PetsWhile we are a pet loving nation, the threat which they pose to the cleanliness of our homes is not in question. Whilst they might bring enough joy to offset the damage that they do, they presence of pets in a home can be one of the most noticeable toils which affect a carpet. Perhaps the most individual problem which they pose is the amount of hair. Whether you have a cat, a dog or a bunny rabbit, pet owners can prepare to deal with a wealth of fur and hair in each and every carpeted area, even the ones in which the pets do not goo. SpillsSometimes, the biggest threat to your own home is you. The prospect of spillages is made all the more threatening by the wide variety of possible stains which can result from the action. It could be red wine or candle wax, melted cheese or coffee; somehow, for some reason, there always seems to be a way in which your cleanest carpet will suffer from your own careless actions. As soon as you see the drops falling away from your hand, you know instinctively that you will have to call in the carpet cleaning professionals to fix up your mistake. General wear and tearWhile it may seem strange, the day to day life of the carpet is one of the biggest threats to its long term health. The scuffing of footmarks aside, the dust which is trodden into the carpet on a daily basis can often be too much for a simple hoover to handle and over time can result in the build up of dust and debris in all of your carpets leading to discoloration amongst other issues. Often, the only way in which to properly ensure that your carpets are fully dust free is to bring in the experts. FootprintsWhile it might seem that this would come under general wear and tear, the prospect of a muddy boot print on your nice clean carpet is in itself a massive threat. This is especially true in winter time when rain and mud can pile up outside and before you even think about it, you rushing in from the cold has left a sodden trail right the way from the front door. With so many possibilities in terms of the type of mud which you might have trodden into the carpet, finding the right way in which to deal with the issue can be hard. Poor cleaningIt may seem strange, but one of the biggest threats to a clean carpet is the cleaning process itself. Depending on the material which your carpet is made of, there can be many ways in which it reacts to cleaning treatments and solutions. As such, the product which you have just used to remove a stain can actually be causing the colour of the fibre to fade away, leaving a far worse problem than before. Quite often, the biggest threat to clean carpets can be the cleaning process themselves, when placed into amateur hands.

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