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How To Clean Your House On A Budget
04Jul 2014
How To Clean Your House On A BudgetCleaning your home is a necessity in life. Whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment, or a seven bedroom house, you are going to need to spend significant periods of time erasing the natural dirt and mess that accumulates around life. The leading cleaning product brands know this, and therefore the supermarkets and shops are full of expensive products designed to target that horrible stain, or that built-up grease, and the manufacturers know that they have a captive audience. It can be tempting to purchase these products because of the strong marketing behind them, but it’s entirely unnecessary. You do not need to spend much to get your home really, really clean. Read on for tips on how to clean on a shoestring. A good place to start is with what you already have in your kitchen cupboards. A mixture of white wine vinegar diluted with water in a spray bottle, baking soda plus one good all-purpose cleaner will be all that you will need. The vinegar and water spray will adequately disinfect surfaces and clean mirrors. Normal, brown vinegar can be used too, but the white wine version will leave less of a smell. Baking soda is a rather miracle substance which will clean surfaces, remove stains, deodorize, and can also be used for washing and scrubbing kitchen equipment. Simply run a bowl of warm water, add a handful of baking soda and get cleaning! For dusting and polishing surfaces you do not need to buy purpose-made dusting cloths. Just dig through old wardrobes, or the backs of drawers to find old t-shirts, or even sheets, and cut them into reasonable-sized strips. These will perform exactly the same function at no cost – and they can even be washed and used time and time again. However if you do prefer to buy dusters, then make sure you choose a different colour for each room so you know that you have dusted every square inch of your house. You will also need a squeegee for windows and a few plastic bags for collecting the inevitable rubbish that accumulates, along with gathering stray items back into their proper places. Two pairs of rubber gloves are a good idea –one for cleaning bathrooms and toilets and one for general use. This will protect your skin from both bacteria and any abrasive effects. For toilets find an old toothbrush to use in order to get into any small crevices, and then use that along with a regular brush for cleaning around the inside of the bowl. This is one place where the use of bleach is a good idea because of the level of bacteria that will be present. Baking soda and water can be used to get rid of lime scale periodically. Use a strip of cloth to wipe down enamel surfaces after you have cleaned them to ensure they dry without streaks and give your bathroom a really super-clean feel. Before you begin to clean, gather all of your products into a large, firm container – preferably with different compartments so that your items don’t get mixed up. It should have lots of space and a sturdy handle that won’t break. That way you can transport your cleaning things easily and efficiently from room to room. Before you begin to clean you should vacuum, or wash and sweep floors so you have a good basis from which to start. Then get going with cleaning. Think positively – cleaning can be very therapeutic and a great fun activity if done with the right attitude!

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