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Cleaning Out Your Old Cupboards
29Mar 2014
Cleaning Out Your Old CupboardsWhen it comes to deep cleaning, one of the first things which are cleaned out is the cupboards. Without constant use, it can be possible for any space to become dusty and a bit grimy. Any spring cleaning operation, or even any grandiose attempt at cleaning beyond the simple dust and hoovering, will attempt to make sure that  the back of your cupboards are always clear and tidy. While dust might be the main offender in these situations, the whole process can actually be quite cathartic and can lead to a long term cleanliness for your home. The first step is to make sure that the area which you wish to clean is clear. Whether this is a kitchen cupboard filled with plates and glasses or maybe a living room book shelf covered in old volumes, the first step should always be to ensure that you can have full access to the area in order to make sure it is as clean as possible. While you are removing each and every item, take care not to drop or crack anything otherwise you could end up making even more mess to clear up than there was in the first place. With everything cleared out of this area, you can now do two things without actually addressing the cupboard itself for now. Firstly, it can be useful in this time to evaluate the usefulness of everything which is taken out of the cupboard in some instances, you might have found old junk which you had entirely forgotten about and now might well be broken or unneeded. As such, you can decide whether you want to even keep the items before placing them back in the cupboard. If you do not want to keep a certain item, then not only will it save you time cleaning it now, but it can declutter your life and save you time during the next big cleaning task. The next step is to take each of the individual items and make sure that they themselves are clean. Classes stored in a cupboard can have the tendency to accrue dust like nothing else, so make sure that you give each individual item a clean before placing it back in the area which you have taken it from. Putting back dirty or dusty items can be a quick way of undoing all the good work which you accomplish while cleaning. Now that everything is removed from the cupboard and clean, it is time to clean out the area. Depending on the material which your storage space is made from, you might want to adjust your approach to cleaning and the products which you use. When it comes to cleaning these kinds of areas, a combination of anti-bacterial spray and polish can work wonders. Even though there is very little chance of anyone looking into the cupboard for an extended period of time, the knowledge that you have cleaned it will surely be quite satisfying. When everything is cleaned, it is time to put everything back in the cupboard. However, before you do so, it could be worth taken measures to reduce the effort you have to make during the next clean. One such measure which is particularly useful for kitchen cupboard is to cut a piece of wallpaper into the shape of the shelf. Lay this down before placing any items in the cupboard and during the next clean all you will have to do is remove the paper and replace it. Little step like this, as well as regular cleaning, can mean that your cupboard are always kept fresh.

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