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Cleaning Concrete Or Brick Surfaces
12Nov 2014
Cleaning Concrete Or Brick SurfacesWhen going about our house cleaning routine, not many of us pay much attention to the part of our house that lies outside the front door. Our patio, driveway and garage stand harsh weather conditions, oil spills and other kinds of damage from us, but fortunately for us they are made of low maintenance, highly resilient materials that need do not need to be cleaned that often. But that is not to say that they don’t need cleaning at all. Concrete and brick surfaces get dirty very slowly, therefore it is hard to notice any change in their appearance. But once you give them a good scrub, you will realize how much dirt has accumulated over them over the years. So the next time you are organizing a house cleaning, make sure to include your patio and garage in it. Here is how you can clean these surfaces using simple domestic cleaning supplies.1.    Prepare the areaIf you are cleaning concrete or brick on the ground, move everything out of the way. This includes cars, furniture, decorations, plants, grill etc. If you are cleaning along the walkway, you might want to cover the delicate plants on the sides to protect from damage. Cover any electrical cords or outlets to avoid unfortunate accidents. Next, sweep the area with a push broom to remove chunks of dirt and debris. If you are cleaning a brick surface, use a stiff bristled brush to clean away the accumulated dirt and grime.2.    Brick surface cleanerFirstly, scrape away any moss and algae that might have been growing on the bricks. If the brick surface is pretty clean, then you can use only warm water, or for a better clean, use some dish cleaning liquid in the water. Hose down the brick surface with water, dip your brush into the mixture and begin scrubbing section by section. You could also mix warm water and oxygen bleach as done for the concrete and pour it over the brick surface. Allow it to work for ten minutes before you scrub it clean.3.    Concrete surface cleanerGet some commercially used house cleaning oxygen bleach and mix it with water according to the instructions on the label. Spray this solution on the concrete slab and let it sit for twenty minutes. Make sure you spray enough so that it does not dry up. After some time, scrub the floor vigorously with a push broom or a long handled brush.4.    Pressure washWhen you are done scrubbing, hose down the area with a pressure washer. A concrete floor will require more pressurized rinse than the brick one. Adjust the nozzle to fan mode instead of a stream and sweep the spray back and forth over the surface to loosen any dirt particles and soap residue.Things to keep in mind•    When scrubbing the bleach in, use equal pressure in each area otherwise you will have patches that are cleaner than the other.•    Make sure to scrub at the corners and edges as this is where the dirt mostly accumulates and is difficult to remove.•    Old bricks are not as sturdy as new bricks. If treated poorly, old bricks can be easily damaged and disintegrated. To ensure that you do not risk ruining your brick surface you could call in professional cleaners from cleaning agencies that specialise in brick cleaning.

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